ECU Film Festival - Day Two

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It's about a quarter to one on the second day of the festival and Pablo Tourrenc has just revealed to a room full of school children that Kid Cudi is habitually four or five hours late to turn up on the set of his video shoots. This is a fact that they will keep with them and treasure, spreading it around the playground like a bad case of measles.

Pablo's been taking us through the basics of budgeting, scheduling and on-set parking - with a helpful reminder to always be prepared for contingencies (cf Cudi's tardiness). 

Over in the other salle at the Action Christine, director Stelios Kammitsi has just finished answering questions about his feature, Jerks, a searing depiction of urban disenfranchisement and clashes between youth and police on the streets of Athens.

"It's kind of scary," Stelios admits, because although his screenplay was written some time before the crisis struck Greece, the anomie it depicts suddenly seems a lot more relevant to the country's youth.

The Cypriot-born director, who has lived in Athens for several years, reveals he is already working on the script to a follow-up. Watch this space ...



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