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Education is an enlightening process which a particular person goes through in schools, colleges or universities.

Education is an important aspect of life which helps us in the way of gaining experience in different fields of life. Now adays education has become necessary for every soul on this planet. It is gives us the vision to choose between right and wrong and just and unjust. Many people still in this modern world of Science and Technology are deprived of Education. 


Why is Education needed?

For every individual, it is mandatory to acquire modern education. The concept of education has been totally misunderstood in terms of monetory purposes. As explained before it is a process of enlightening yourself through different mediums.

the process of spreading awareness or to give greater knowledge of a subject or situation is called as enlightening process-

Google dictionary

 It is now cleared that education is the purpose of creating awareness among ourselves and the society. 

The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim -

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Education is a self awareness requirement. We educate ourselves to improve every second of our life. 

When do a man realises that it is necessary to educate yourself?

When the demand of choosing a happy life over a bad one increases, the moment we realise that we need to change ourself, we want to choose a right path, it is only then we need to educate ourself.

Benefits of Education

Improvement within ourselves

This includes the character development of a person who acquires education. Education benefits us in all shapes of life. A man who wants education, basically is in search of a good character. 


Not only education develops a character of a person but it has other benefits as well. A man who seeks for a better self needs the following things.

  1. Wisdom

  2. Moral and Ethical Values

  3. High Intellectual level

  4. Social bonding and literacy

This is something a man must acquire to improve himself which can only be done with the help of education.



Your level of knowledge is directly related to how much educated you are. The more you are educated, the more your knowledge over things increases. Hence, we need to educate ourselves to improve the capacity of knowledge that we possess. 

Produces Good Citizen of a state 

Many things that education benefits, state is one of them. If the students work really hard in their present, they will surely have a future which will lead them to be a good citizen.

Create among yourself an example of what youth can be in fairness to yourself, in faireness to your parents, in fairness to your state, to devote your attention to your studies. 

- Quaid-e-Azam M.Ali Jinnah

A good student is always a good citizen. What extraordinary efforts he or she can put for the betterment of the state can not be put by any other person.


The Chinese students are very much conscious of their national and international obligation. They wake up early in the morning. After doing some chores, they have breakfast and then they go to school at 8 o'clock. The school breaks at 11 o'clock and they return home for lunch. They come back again at 1:30 and stay in the class. In the evening they listen to the national and international  new.

Development of a Country

When we talk about good citizens, the next thing that comes into our mind is a good state. All the developed countries have been focusing on the role of education, how it can effect the economic  growth of a country.


 The benefits of education over a developing state are great. No state can be a developed state without focusing and implementing an effective education system.

Removal of Poverty


OECD's report over education have confirmed that it is the best source to remove poverty from the communities around the world. Here the demand of education increases for all the individuals to acquire primary education.

Preservation of Culture and Moral Codes

Education can be a good source to spread awareness relate to the preservation of a particular culture in a state. Educated people have a greater sense of safeguarding their national codes and values. And the sense of sacrifice is exhibited by them for their people.

Creation of an Equal Generation


Education can be a tool to remove all the differences we have in our so cities. Education brings all the people to the same state of equality. No man is superior to other on the basis of colour, caste, creed, money etc. 


Nothing is more important than cultivating yourself for the sake of having a bright future. Human beings require every single element mentioned above which can bring about a change in their surroundings. Not only it's important for a society but for the man himself. We need to understand the importance of today's subject if we want to be successful. And for that Education is the key to unlock the door of success and balance in this world. Last but not the least the general  thinking over education needs to be changed. Help others as well in acquiring education and spread the word!

The religious importance of education can be understood from this Hadees of Prohphet Muhammad (SAW)


If anyone travels on the road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise.



Share your thoughts and opinions on the role education in our lives. Your comment on this will be appreciated :")

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