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There are many definitions of education as there have been educational thinkers. Most popular among those are the following.

Education is the process of social adjustment of the individual.

Education is the process of self realization of the individual.

Both these are different only in the spelling but similar in the spirit. Social adjustment is sometimes substituted by socialization. It presumes that society is always right and that its culture is all good which obviously not a fact is. Further, if takes as granted, it assign a passive role in education.

Education is just to serve the society to preserve and transmit its culture. Education is the process of bringing into action the potential good in man. It is the process of preparing individuals in society for vice-gerency of Allah on the earth.

Islam has greatly emphasized Education than any other religion. There is no parallel of such teaching as in Islam about education.

The first revelation made to Holy Prophet was:

 “Read with the name of Allah, Who created human beings from the clot, Read with the name of your magnificence Lord Who taught by pen to human beings, what they knew not”

Similarly in one tradition of the Holy Prophet:

“Seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave”

The first and the foremost duty of a Muslim are to seek knowledge and propagate it. Education and teaching give birth to knowledge which is the sort of light to indicate itself and enlighten other things that fall within its periphery.

“Those whosearch knowledge are in the way of God”

Another Hadithsays: “Seek the knowledge if it be in China”

Education is a process necessary for the creation of sound mind in a sound society. So on the basis of all such statement no one can deny of the fact that education is must for all the individuals of the society

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