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Education and training of children is a tough job for parents. Parents make their basic strong. They put their children on a good way. But now a day’s most parents are involved in misdirecting their children. Parents fulfill their good as well as bad wishes.


Children are like innocent flowers. They adopt the way told by their parents. If attention is not given to their training and education. They become burden for the society. Parents want their children successful in life so all parents should positively concentrate on the education and training of children.


Those mothers who educate and train their children in a good way are always remembered with good words. Now every facility is provided to the children’s but still they do not show any extra ordinary performance in studies. In cities parents spend a lot of money in private school but their dreams never come true.


If we see in different professions mainly people are from rural areas. Because the children of pour people usually work hard. They lack modern facilities but their aims are always high. They never compromise on their aims. In villages people get up entry in the morning and offer prayer. After this they do their breakfast. Children prepare themselves for school and mostly travel many kilometers for school. In school they sit on hard carpets. They do not have any air conditioner or soft seats for sittings. They do not have any pocket money but still they always work hard. They are adopted to do work hard constantly such student’s respects their teachers, parents and all elderly people. While children of cities are opposite to the villagers in all aspects. There is no value of respect in their lives. They just enjoy their lives.

All parents and teachers are responsible for such a situation. If our Childs follow the instructions of their teacher they will be good members of society in future. They will have respect for everyone. Parents should be loving and guiding to their children’s. Parents should think positively for future of their children and make them useful member of society. 

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i am syed hidayatullah.i have done msc in mathematics from pakistan.And now i am a bloger at filmannex.and feeling great

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