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In places like Afghanistan where there are just one computer for fifty students and limited internet access, students are rising up to the challenge. More than 160,000 students across 11 schools are enrolled in the micro scholarship program for fine art in cinema and writing/blogging. They get paid for writing and blogging about anything, raising thought provoking issues about the challenges they encounter in schools, in the community and in the country as a whole.
Would Saint Lucia students like to take up that challenge and beat the odds like that of the students of Afghanistan? It is up to you to make a difference by rising to the challenge. I know you are up to the task and can make a significant difference. Use your talents to your own advancement and manifest it by blogging on
If you are truly interested in earning a micro scholarship in form of money for your writing:
*Go to to register
*And link all your social networks (facebook, google+, twitter, LinkedIn…) to filmAnnex
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