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Pakistan is a country which has embraced a chaos of various crisis and yet it exists, but not thriving obviously and not prospering. Many have pain for this country in their hearts and they feel the necessity of change in system of this state. The mechanism of this country has collapsed, or to be true , there wasn't ever any mechanism established for the development of the country. There was nothing done ever for even at least the survival of the country.


Many reasons are stated for the failure of the state but no one has yet been able to provide with a satisfactory and promising solution. Some say it is economy, others blame corrupt leaders, few believe that lack of sovereignty is root problem and illiteracy is also believed to be a reason for that. These all problems are true, and they have resulted many crisis in the country including which poverty is the main problem these days.

But the element which has triggered all this situation is not what we think or what analysts tell us or media says. The reason is ignorance of people, lack of awareness about their rights. And lack of education has caused this. 

Most of the children are forced to labor for livelihood by their parents. They have been handed tools in their hands instead of the pens.


That is why this country has been unable to produce such kind of citizens which are aware of their well being and know their rights and have courage to fight for them. 

They are just used to be ground in the mill of poverty and unemployment because they have no education, no light to guide them in dark. They dont have any political sense and they lack knowledge in every field of life.

So kids need to be educated to be useful to this country and to take part in progress.

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