Education i Pakistan

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Education is power.Centuries ago man accept the importance of education.

In the countries like Pakistan unfortunately Education is given less importance.Education is important in the building of a peaceful and successful society. From 1999 to 2009 the school children education increases upto 83 percent.But at present this ratio become reduce. So what are the factors that effect for that reduction? In certain areas of Africa and Asia this ratio cannot be achieved until 2015 that is the worst condition for that countries. In developed countries every 87 children out of 100 go to schools and that is the major factor for their development. These countries spend a major portion of their budget in education sector.

In Asia the countries like Pakistan lag in education because they have not properly accepted yet. People in these countries would prefer on work and they admitted their child in employed organization in their early ages which will their educational age. Also the government didn't focus on education as only a small part of budget approve every year for education which was not enough to meet the requirements. Most of the population in these type of countries doesn't afford higher education for their children. Their are a lot of Primary schools which was empty and their are lag of teaching staff their. Girls are not properly educated as many families doesn't allow them to going to school. So government must focus on that issue because education is important for every developed countries and the underdeveloped country like Pakistan need literacy rate to be grow up. 

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