Education in Afghanistan

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Afghan girls and boys receive free education from both state Schools and Universities. Based on Afghanistan Constitution, every single member of Afghanistan can attend state schools and Universities where ever they are with no pay.

At the present, there are thousands of boys and girls studying schools and other different fields in Universities in Afghanistan. The number of boys and girls increases every year who are going to schools in Afghanistan.This is something which is enjoyable for both Afghanistan government and the International Community.

Fortunately today most of schools especially in Herat province facilitated with computer and internet which provided by Afghan Citadela and Film Annex companies. Most of students are working with computer and Internet and they are happy to have a computer centre in their schools.

The only challenge for students in Afghanistan is that they cannot study the field they are interested in, in Master’s and PHD degrees. Hence, they either use from the foreign scholarships or they spend huge sums of money in order to travel to foreign countries to get their master’s and PHD degrees.

Besides, there are thousands of boys and girls studying at private high schools and Universities. This show that both Afghanistan government and the International community were successful in their efforts to develop education system in Afghanistan.

Since the last 12 years, Afghanistan education system has changed substantially by cooperation of International Community led by the United States of America.

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