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Dream of thousands, study in United kingdom! I do not understand why do these people are mad about UK? People all over the world want to study in UK but the biggest attraction of Uk is for the people of developing countries because they can raise money while studying here. Ignoring the fact that once they come to this country the motive changes, the priorities change. The priority which is education changes into making money and there is the point where the lose their careers. The education that people of developing countries can get in their countries is 60% better that they get in UK. Yes the value of the degree that they get of UK university is better but what is the use of that degree when you will not learn anything from that university? Why pay them thousands of pounds to get nothing?


Being an Asian i will talk about Asian education system. I have studied in some good schools and colleges in my country and i am thankful to my teachers for giving that standard of education that no other country can get. We were forced to speak english in our schools and we got irritated with the teacher but now i know why they did that. From the day one i started studying in Uk only one thing i think of, why did i waste all the money to come here and study? Have i gained any knowledge? 


The answer is a BIG NO! i have not gained any knowledge, infact the things they are teaching me here in a level 7 i studied those things in level 4 back in my country, my knowledge is more than some of my teachers here, i correct them when they make mistakes.

I have just one opinion for all you guys out there who want to come to UK to study! Don't waste your money and your time to come to this country and study! Invest that money, invest it by studying in a good college or university in your country, learn and then cash that knowledge you are going to get.

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