Education in Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan is a landlocked country located in central Asia. This is one of the 3rd world, and developing countries.

The low quality of education level is one of the especialities of the 3rd world countries. There for, Uzbekistan does not enjoy a high education level, but its government and along Uzbekistan government there are some other organizations help it improve the education level.

Afghan Citadel Software Company is one of those companies making effort to develop the education level in developing countries, for example, in Central Asian countries, and Afghanistan. Thus, Afghan Citadel Software Company has done some activities and aims to increase its activities in developing of Uzbekistan’ education at least in technology. For example, this company aims to extend Examer software in Afghanistan schools. The same way, it is going to develope it for Uzbekistan high schools.

Film Annex and Citadel would like to connect all student to the Examer system specially centeral and south of Asia countires which Uzbekistan is one of thier targets and they would like to connect the students to this educaiton sytem.The families of Uzbek people are happy with such companies delivering technology and education services to their children.  


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