Education is the key to Afghan prosperity!

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In this video, we see an interview with Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, who has a Doctorate from Columbia University, has written many papers on education, and  has worked with Goldman Sachs. Amra is a Bosnian Muslim who completely her high school education in Bihac during the war time. Her interests lie in Islam, post-war societies and nation building, ethnicity etc. Amra is currently an active participant in the cause of promotion and analysis of education for all. She has also done research on educational issues. Having lived in various countries and having been exposed to different cultures, she has a good understanding of difficulties in education in places around the world.

She shares her views about Afghanistan, women's education, and role of education in nation building. She believes that education is the only way forward for an Afghanistan that is trying to rebuild itself after years of war. Education has the capacity to uplift the status of women, bring them back into mainstream, and help them contribute to the country's progress. She also believes that education helps broaden perspectives, brings more tolerance and progressive thinking in individuals. She belies that education and Islam can comfortably coexist. Being a Bosnian Muslim herself who saw war from close quarters, she knows that it is her education that has stood her in good stead and move up in life as well.

She firmly believes that without education, the future is grim due to lack of knowledge and opportunity. An educated person can help transform the world. For Afghanistan specifically, she believes that education is crucial not only from development but also from the peace point of view. As she has stressed before, education brings with it a better understanding of others living with you and more tolerance and flexibility that only knowledge can provide. She sees education as the way forward for progress with peace. She is also hopeful that more women will be educated in the coming future in Afghanistan.

Film Annex is committed towards building internet schools in Afghanistan. Film Annex hopes that with access to computers and internet, the Afghan children will be able to understand much better what is happening around the world and learn better. Film Annex is especially concentrating on women's education in Afghanistan. They have already built 2 schools and are onto their third project now.

To read more about Film Annex's efforts in Afghanistan and to read all my blog posts on Afghanistan, please see my webtv.







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