Education: Not optional but a Requirement

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It’s this time of the year when students gear up to return to school. It’s a time of mixed emotion. As a kid growing up in the island I looked forward to going back to school after an extended summer vacation, not because I look forward to learning or just loved school. No, I looked forwards to going back to school just for the thrill of showing off my new school supplies and uniforms. I looked forward to going to a new classroom not because I loved the teacher but I was excited about seeing old pals and making new ones.

But as soon as the excitement is over which is usually within the first week; I dreaded going back to the same old boring routine. I hated going to bed early just to wake up earlier, all I wanted to do was just stay in bed a little longer. How I longed to be back outdoors running, jumping and playing with my friends and neighbors, not caved in by four walls repeating the same things day after day. Throughout the course of the day I enthusiastically anticipated the sound of the final bell, when the entire school would rush out the double door, free at last eager to take a stroll home stopping to play along the way, without a care in the world. Those were the days, but they are no more, the world is changing and we have to change with it. We need to develop a different attitude towards school; in fact we want to look forward with eager expectation about the things we will learn in the upcoming school year. Education is the key to success and we need to stay focus on achieving that success. Today, education is gaining momentum through the use of blogging using social media; we need to capitalize on that momentum in order to get a piece of the pie. This is my story and I am certain that many of you can relate to it. You can change your future; you have the power within you, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

So we have a lot more reasons to look forward to going back to school. We live in an era of new technology, a time when classrooms are being transformed from traditional chalk and board to desktops, a time when we can use our own individuality to be creative and expressed ourselves through the use of electronic blackboard. Of course there are a few challenges but we are convinced that we can rise to the challenge and move passed them. With the proper infrastructure in place and ample computers available in classrooms we will begin to experience school on a whole difference level and actually get to the point of really looking forward to going back to school for all the right reasons. So we have to stay devoted to writing and blogging. You don’t need a passion for writing, you will develop that passion, all you have to do is write, that’s the secret it’s that easy! If you can write just one or two paragraph then the sky’s the limit I guarantee you, you will soon discover how to blog like a pro gaining the true power of writing through social media.

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