Education of women

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It is the age of technology and progress. Each person in this universe wants to do something and progresses. In that age the difference of women and men became less typical then past. In the past women was conceder inferior to the men. They were deprived of getting education. But Islam realizes the importance of education of women. Islam gives a right to get education to women. 

            Now we discuss about the importance of the education of women. It is necessary to get education for women as if a women is educated then the whole family is educated. A women how get education became sober and can handle the difficulty of life in a better way. A women how get education can approach any field of life.

     At this age the Pakistani nation is passes through the crisis and bad circumstances. In this age the education of women is too much necessary for our nation, the past Pakistan is not a developed country. So women should get education and take part in progress of country. He should work side by side with men. So that this country can became a developed country.

     But we should not forget that we live in an Islamic country. In this country women should get education, but he should remain in a limit.

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