Education system in Afghanistan

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Education is important base of society, and education has importance role in other section of society.

Education is a way to lighting from ignorance and folly, and a way which achieve person his purpose by education .

Education beginning from family and a baby can learn everything that his or her that learn he or she from the first years. Unfortunately our country has n’t a good surrounding for education, not only outside surrounding even in family surrounding.

Most families in our country are illiterate and if are literate don’t understand have a time for their children for education and other reason be poverty, the families are poor which have to their children for find money that every put their children in every term and is a reason for back ward from education. Some families in Afghanistan, to reason haven’t equipment, far from school and more people in their families are deprived from education.

Important place for education is school that in most area of Afghanistan isn’t school.

Lack of books, curriculum, experience and literate teachers, enough security for go and come, hasn’t expense for continue of study, those are for back warded students in Afghanistan.  

Most of cortical which strip from education and all facilities are women, because they were in home for six years and that period was worst period of Afghanistan because was the period of Taliban and before that period was war and women had to keep from their children because their husbands went to war and they had to patient for better future.

Fortunately in ten years after the period of the Taliban and come of the new president, Hamid Karzai, schools open for women and could improve.

Fortunately today education system improvable and most students can study in school and universities and also the government strain until in everywhere made school which people encourage education and allow to their children specially girls for study and beside schools some courses like literacy for persons that lag from education and cannot improve and also private schools and private universities help people fortunately private school universities are very expensive and just number from people can use from them, unfortunately though all these in some provinces, the Taliban did n’t  allow which girls got to school or fire the schools or kill teachers and families fear from these going on and prevent which their children, both of them girls and boys go to school.

Although schools and university and both of private and governmental and different courses are bat more of people are literate and strain the government and organizations internal, external for literate people of Afghanistan abort because just in big cities which has security go to school and in villages people with problems such haven’t good teachers, insecurity, haven’t equipment and haven’t enough money for buy book and not books, pen and etc… are illiterate and study for children is a wish.

I hope in near future people more understand about education which education can help them and go to school don’t be a wish. I hope ….                  

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