Education System in Pakistan

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Being the citizens of a democratic independent country, We are all responsible to improve our education system if we want to make education work for all, then we must work together with honesty and dedication.




The school is located in the heart of the community where children learn. In Schools children receive the first exposure to education and what they learn or experience there to touch their lives and help shape the citizens as good or bad. What we teach the students in the schools should reflect our values ​​and beliefs. The curriculum should reflect our national, traditional and religious cultural values ​​and at the same time educating students about other cultures and religions and to build tolerance.




The education boards in Pakistan must demonstrate great vision and lead educational progress. Education boards must ensure that learners acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society. A good and valuable education always assist in students development and rationally and independently, at the same time raise their awareness about social responsibility and tolerance and respect for the ideas and beliefs of others. A balanced education is a blend of knowledge and skills as well as appreciation of the fine arts, understanding of cultural heritage resultantly creating a sense of self-worth and national pride.




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