Education System in Pakistan

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It has remained a trend in Pakistan that a teacher comes to the class gives a lecture in a topic and goes away which is not good because a student cannot do anything with that lecture. Students always say that if a teacher cannot teach many subjects so how can a student learn many subjects. This is totally an injustice to the students. Even they cannot manage time for their home works. A student goes early in the morning to school and returns at 2 or 3 o’clock. After lunch he/she may take rest and do some activities so it becomes prayer time then he/she might do his/her religious practices and It becomes evening. After dinner they don’t get much time for their studies. If he/she awakes up to late hours then they will feel difficulty to wake up early in the morning and if they don’t sleep properly this will make their whole day bad.

           I will share some information about education system of United States of America. Recently my friend has been from there so I always discuss these kinds of stuffs with him. He has told many interesting things about their education system. He was saying that he used to go to a High school. There they used to have 6 classes and their time duration was 1 hour. The method of teaching was that a student has to do more work and teacher will do the minimum as possible. And there the students have to switch their classes. In Pakistan teachers go to a class teaches and then go to another class like this. In U.S the students have to switch class and the students have their will that which class he/she wants to join. There were some language classes, music classes and some others. So students go there where they want. In this way their interest enhances and it provides them a good opportunity to learn but in Pakistan we have to be dependent on Books and teacher’s lecture nothing else. So how can a student learn the things which he/she needs?

 The education system is now changing in Pakistan gradually. Good institutions are being made and good qualified teachers are coming up. But this all thing rely on the method of the teaching. How he/she makes the class interesting and attractive. For this purpose they have to do some interesting and beneficial activities. But it will be the best if Pakistan also follows U.S education system because I think it is very useful and fruitful for the entire nation.





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