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Education System In Pakistan is very poor in my point of view, I am not just saying this without any reason because i can present many reasons on the basis of which i have come to this conclusion that our education system is producing nothing else but hundreds of worthless degree holders every year.


There is a lack of practical education which is technically  applicable in day to day life.The syllabus of our text books are mostly based on theoretical content, which the pupils are forced to learn and write word to word in their examination. I don't understand what is the point of such education which we can not implement anywhere. I am used to call this in my own words "RUTTALIZATION" (learning the content by heart without understanding a single word).

During the whole academic year pupils are forced to read and learn a specified theoretical material and at the end from that same material they are questioned in the examination .

Examination plays a vital role in any education system and in our examination system few questions are asked and on the basis of these few questions our pupil are declared to be efficient or inefficient.May be an average pupil by doing selective study, two or three days before examination gets the same questions in the paper and gets high grades, but can we conclude by this that he is a brilliant student. I hereby question the authentication of this education system, being a student  I question the credibility of such examination system.

I conclude this discussion by giving a suggestion that the content of our textbooks must be based on the material which have more practical applicabilities and our examination should not only be based on the specified content of the book but should be designed in such a way that can extract the mental abilities of pupils on general perspective that what he has got during the whole year.

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