Education system of Afghanistan with New technologies

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Afghanistan is one of the countries that always suffer different internals wars and couldn’t develop such other countries. Now after fall of Taliban, the country is developing step by step and it changed a lot compare to 10 years ago.

But still there are many problems in Afghanistan that should be solve such as education which is the important part of a society. Educations bring big changes in people’s life and direct them to live better and healthy especially for women.

Today different organization provide a safe environment specifically for afghan women to enhance their knowledge because women are part of society that suffer different kinds of problem during the Taliban regime and there were always violence against them, most of families didn’t allow them to go to school and study but fortunately today education situation become better for them and with help of government and international organization they can study better.


Afghan Citadel and Film Annex both are providing learning with new technologies for Afghan women. Their mission is to help Afghan women through their education and empower women in Afghanistan which really help in developing country and society.

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Amir Ali Sher Nawaie was established in 1368. At first, it was both a male and female school but in different shifts until 1390. In 1390, it became a female school and students are now studying in three shifts. It has 29 classes, more than 4,000 students and 155 teachers.…

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