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Education is the important part of the life and Education build up your character and makes it better. Education make a person a decent like he can get a lots of help from the education like how to read and write, how to speak and how to live in this world and it is all possible due to education.



Education makes your character beauty and its play an important role in your life. Like uneducated and educated humans are not equals. An Educated person will not follow to uneducated person and he will also towards the modern life and fastest life.


While uneducated people always follow their elders and they are not able to make a correct decision and even in the many cities of Pakistan many people are hunted by these uneducated community and they are making their own rules. Reason is that they don't know about the major rules and educations.


While especially in province Punjab of Pakistan, each GOVT of Punjab made good plans for the education and they are many famous institutes in the Punjab more than other provinces so in the other provinces their Govts should take a good step for the Education.


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