Educational Stages in Human Life

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With the advent of the human history man is trying to reveal the secrets of nature, that is possible only by having observational eye and thrust of learning. When a baby born he/she is like a blank page without anything in his mind. We went through a number of stages for learning all that what a person should know. These stages step by step make us understand all aspects. Humans are blessed with brain to seek knowledge and with birth we also start using our mind for getting knowledge of everything around us. In this article, I will explain step by step all the stages through which a human has to go to be called an educated person.


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                   Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills,                          values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling

                                                                                                                                                             Definition from wikipedia

Pre-School Education

Firstly after starting speaking we are sent to pre-school for the best usage of our five senses. Our teachers start filling up our mind with the basics. We get to know alphabets. Small minds are introduced with sounds of alphabets. We get to know the tools like pencil, paper etc. This era make us punctual and we adopt the basic habits. Children have fresh and empty minds whatever you put in it they will remember it easily. In this age teaching is more efficient if visuals are used. Student get what they see, so teaching by showing them fruits, animals etc help them in remembering them. Telling small stories develop interest in them.


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Primary School Education

After this pre-school we are sent to school starting with level-1 to primary. At this stage, the alphabets we are introduced with are transformed into words. We are taught how to make use of these alphabets and sounds in creating meaningfull words and sentences. We get to know how to write. We are trained with the basic etiquettes of how to talk to anyone. In this era, we are well aware of how to read or write. Students are taught how to learn by heart. Teaching at this stage is effective if students are also get involved in discussions. Teachers allow them to discuss different topics, for letting their mind broader. These years make us ready to understand further complexities we are going to face in future. We will have grip on reading and writing. Children are taught with right and wrong. Dark and bright all aspects are put forward in front of them for letting them know that as a  coin has two sides , everything  has its. So all this knowledge make innocents minds of children strong enough to differentiate between right and wrong.One by one with the increment of levels our knowledge is get broader. These primary years education taught all these things to students. Primary years made the base of a student for moving one step higher.


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Middle School Education

During middle students are gone through testing. This era is somehow based on polishing their capabilities and refining them. Student learn a lot in that period, not only by teachers also by themselves. We are grown enough to solve our problems by ourself. This era make children hardworking because of tough testing. Our education is related to books completely and we are make use too of tough study. New and modern subjects are studied for getting step up into vast world of science and technology. A student is trained for all types of exams in these years. How to solve problems by using their own knowledge. At middle level, for the first time the students are enrolled in exams at higher level where they compete with all the students of their age. This is the first step of students towards the practical world. Very initial stage of getting towards the practical startup. Middle school education develop further morals and ettiquetes in individual and a step further towards compitency. But sometimes middle school becomes worst because of the students own behavior


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All those who step in to middle school must watch this video so that they can have an idea and they can easily cope with the problems

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High School Education

So on from middle to the High school a student is now fully trained up for studying advance books and research, they are introduced with branches of science and technology. Studying new things and making them understand what they are reading is now their main goal. They are now intelligent enough to see what they are reading from such a long time is not only in books and words but also its practical applications are also present in society. Where we use all that aspects and ideologies which we have read. Somehow a little bit of practical work with initial ideas are introduced to students.


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College Education

School life ends up with the arrival of a new life strategies, where leaving school and going towards a mature world for higher studies. At this level, a student set up his goal or aim. So that he chose that field which will help him reaching his goal. Here student learn a lot the subjects he was introduced with in the high school are studied to him with more detail in college. Practical work is also started so that the student is well aware of the tools and kits. He make them use and see which application is used for what purpose. Study become essential with practical work. Practical work is given a compulsory part in higher studies. Student discuss their ideas with the professors and lecturer to refine their aspects. Student’s point of views are particular and adorable. New ways for solving the problems are get to know by the students. Working on different applications in the supervision of teachers is beneficial for the students.


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University Education


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The last and the most important era of student life which is basically the step in phase into practical life. Higher studies after intermediate. University life where you work for your goal and degree. These years are different from all those spent in schools and college, here students did not totally dependent on their teachers they are grown enough to study things by their self. Professors only give them idea and the rest of aspects are the responsibility of student to understand by himself. Maturity of students and personality development start here. How to deal with the authorities are taught here. Learning here is 75% based on practical work. Students apply their ideas they studied till now. Working with different tools, applications and machinery give experience to students. These years are the building block of a student into professional person. Making projects with experience staff members give a lot of information. Student do research by themself on what they are assigned. Student dependency on teacher decrease in this period. Student are freehand in researching and using their abilities. After going on from all that stages students ae finally ready to be step in into professional world.


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In the end, here comes the graduation celebration video with smiling faces and bright futures

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