Educational technology

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Education is a new world In the field of education. In 1950 first time in the history B.F.skinnar launch a programmal learning .In England 1960 brynmor used educational programme interduce when this programme is launch in England then it reach in Europe and then in india 


                                          Education includes teaching ,learing and training for some purposes .in educational techology these electronic things are valuable  like radio , tape recorder ,television ,computer and CCTV electronic video tapes and auto visual aids .There are many type machines have been used  the by the help  of these manhines a teacher  may teach a large group of student in the one time


Meaning of educational technology

Educational technology is the application scientific knowledege  of eduction. Educational  technology is helpful to make teaching process objective ,easy , clear ,interesting and scientific 


Need for educational technology

Educational technology is highly needed for the effective realization of the  goal in education .educational technology is very much needed for india classroom conditions


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