Effective way to get more job online (part -2)

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This is the sequel of the series "Effective way to get more job online". This is the second part....


2. Make an ideal Client Profile too:
I know, you are a bit surprised with my words as i am suggesting you to create a client profile where you are working as a freelancer. But the truth is quite different with your surprising thoughts. If you really want to be a well concerned established freelancer, then this is would be another realistic move for you.
You will find some people bidding blindly, whatever they are able to accomplish the job or not. Really, this is not fair enough. You have to find out which client is gonna perfect for you in all sphere and an ideal client profile creation is helping you lot to do so. Now, you should consider the following matters to find out exact client for you:
(a) His overall conditions. ( Age, Gender, Nationality, Educational background, Income source etc. )
(b) Types of institutions they are working with.
(c) Their Organizations size ( Large, Medium, Small).
(d) Type of Marketplace their organization’s are working.
(e) Are you ready to work with this kind of client?
(f) What kind of work they are going to provide you?
(g) What is their Budget for those jobs?
(h) What kind of client you actually need to be successful?

When you got all the answers, it would be quite easier to select the right person to work with. And it will also saves your time and energy.

3. Make an Alluring Proposal to attract:
This is a real important step for you and you really need to impress your client in his/her very first look with your proposal message. Most of the time you will not get the second chance as he will decline / reject your proposal if you are failed to impress in first look.
This is really silly to copy and paste someone’s proposal. Just do yourself with your thoughts and research. And also you can consider the following points:
(a) To know the client’s demand for the job.
(b) To know about any suggestion from Client.
(c) If you do not meet all the requirements for the job, just simply let the client know that.
(d) Give your suggestions if any changes needed for the betterment of the work.
(e) Give a little sense of how you gonna complete the job.
(f) How much time you need to accomplish.
(g) You can provide an example of similar task you completed already. ( If available) .
Hopefully, proper management of this points will lead your proposal to an attractive and effective path of being granted.

Will be continued...



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