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Cancer is very dangerous disease and rapidly increases.Cancer is so painful disease.Their are many types of cancer such as Skin cancer,Breast cancer,Lung cancer,Melanoma cancer,Bladder cancer,Kidney cancer,Thyroid cancer etc.

Above of these types of cancer some are curable and some are not statistics.According to"General World Cancer"in 2008 12.7 million people are cancer patient and this number will be increases day by day.Those type of cancer which can be detected on its early stages can be curable other wise it cause death.

Basically cancer have three to four stages and 1 to 3 stages can be cured but 4 can not be curable.By saving our life by this dangerous disease we must spend a simple life by eating fresh fruits,vegetables,milk,fresh water and also fresh air than we will safe our life.Smoking is also one of the major factor causing cancer.

Their are two method used for the treatment of cancer which is Surgery,Laser and also medicines.These two method are very useful for the treatment of cancer.In Pakistan many hospital that are treated the cancer like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Bait-ul-Sukoon.

In short cancer is very dangerous disease if they will be detected than treat properly on time and always go to the best doctors and follow their instruction.

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