Effects Of Cartoon On Kids Part 2

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In Cartoons animation all the atmosphere is so neat and perfect . The Cartoons are full of color .In the beginning cartoon talk in English language than dubbing on cartoons also start and Now We can listen them in regional languages. Some cartoons have only music and they demonstrate with their action as in Tom and Jerry Cartoon . The most favorite and a very good cartoon for kids .Some cartoons give a lot of information to kids such as Dorra And Dego .They guide and teach the kids with fun .Some are based on animals life and work .

Now a days special feature films of animation cartoons are made which are equally seen by kids and elder and their scenes are contain such type of material which is for youngsters not good for kids.

Now a days some dubbed cartoons are very bad for kids in these there is a dubbing of actors voices and they talk in very bad style with misbehave style and these are becoming very popular in kids but they are spoiling the behavior and talking style of Kids . Parents should take notice of these type of cartoons and strikly enforce their children not to see such type of cartoons .

Some Cartoons of action and super hero mislead kids of some fantasy and kids want to become these heroes who have some magical power which is also a bad thing for small brains of kids . Some Girlish cartoons of very beautiful girl and her marriage with a prince also sets the mind of small girls to have a prince in their life in such a little age.

Some parents check their child and on seeing that he is seeing cartoon get relaxed that he is not doing bad it is good but actually some cartoons are good ones and only for an hour not more than that .Only because of these cartoons the children do not get interest in out door games and this effects their mental and physical health.

 Watching Cartoons are not bad habit but their should be a balanced between cartoons watching,studies and out door games or exercise.Parents should watch cartoons with their kids so they can realize which type of cartoons are good for them and which are bad for them .

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