Effects of drugs

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Drugs are like are a bad habit when some one becomes addict and he can’t even then live without their daily doses. Its very horror to use them without any gaudiness. An addict lives in some other life.

He doesn’t have any sense of good and right he can do any thing for his daily dose. Drug dealer are very strong and they have a long network. We can see a lot of addicts any whereon public place.

They are lifeless beings. They do not recognize even their own family members. They lost power to examine and differentiate between good and bad things and their ideas about life are ruined.

They live in imaginations and fantasies. This problem is common over the world. It is more alarming in developing countries. It also affects the economy of the state.

It fails to do progress and to run on the track of the development. When someone becomes addict or adopted this bad habit he spoils life of many members of his family along with him.

He cannot earn money and is unable or not capable to do something for his family as well as his nation. It is a curse it spoils the youth. Its known to everybody that young men are future of any should remain safe from all social and moral evils.

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