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Hello guys! Welcome back. I’m here with another informative blog. The idea of writing this blog hit me from my elder brother. So, I think to use this theme as the subject of my blog. This blog is about the impacts or effects of social media in our daily lives. As it’s the era of technology and connectivity, there is an explosion of social networking sites. So do, we guys get affected with these sites. These impacts whether positive or negative are discussed in detail below.

Effects of Social media


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As all of us are familiar with the internet, which has transformed the world into a global village. With the internet, all of us are able to connect with anyone located in any part of the world. The world gets closer because the distance between people is eliminated. Different people belonging to different areas can access one another with no time.

"Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media services currently available introduces challenges of definition."

source: wikipedia


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"What is interesting is the power and impact of social media...We must try to use social media in a good way."

(Malala Yousafzai)

Many sites are available there on the internet to provide us connectivity. Different sites having different features are launching as per the needs of the user. These sites are social media sites. These sites help people to connect with their loved ones sitting thousands of miles away. These sites become an essential part of our lives now. Our days are nothing without these sites. Different users are using these sites for different purposes. Some of the most known social media sites are:




Myspace etc.


***Positive impacts of social media***


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We are having great influence on social media sites in our lives. These sites are becoming our need. These sites have some positive impact on our lives including:

1. Provide connectivity

One of the basic features of social media sites is providing connectivity. Years before, it was impossible to connect to a person locating away from you. But in few years’ technology has revolutionized too much that you can also see one another.


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 Social media sites not only allow you to connect with your friends and family. But it also gives you an opportunity to connect with different people worldwide. You can talk to anyone you wished for. The world is in your hand with these sites and it’s up to whom do you want to connect with. You can make new friends from anywhere in the world.


2. Enhance knowledge


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Social media sites also provide you a channel of learning new and advanced skills. Many people are using these social media sites for earning through different ways. You can also learn the skills from them. Modern skills can be learned from these sites for making yourself skillful. All the material is available on the internet whatever you want to learn. In this way, social media helps you to increase not only your knowledge but also your skills. You are capable of learning from the experts by visiting their work.


3. Shift perspectives

There are certain issues or problems which you are familiar with but you are not aware of facts. Judging something about which you don’t have complete knowledge is not a good thing. Social media provide you complete and vast knowledge about different issues.

"Don't need social media to impress people; use it to impact people."

(Dave Willis)

 Searching the complete details of issues is better than taking someone wrong without having detailed facts. Living in one area of the world you don’t know the culture of other people. But social media gives you an opportunity to know different cultures and to shift your perspective about them.


4. Improves communication skills

Social media are basically used for providing communication. It gives the people an advantage to communicate with anyone. Using these sites make you capable of communicating with different peoples. When you communicate with different people your communications skills get better. You will learn how to deal with the people in different circumstances.


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Having better communication skills will give you different opportunities in your career. In this way, social media sites get away your shyness. And also gives you confidence while dealing with someone.

***Negative impacts of social media***


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                     “Excess of everything is bad.”

No wonder, social media sites are facilitating us in different ways. But it also has some drawbacks. As a coin has two sides similarly, these sites also have both positive and negative sides. Using these sites excessively can prove to be harmful. These sites have some of the following flaws:


1. Cause laziness


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Using these sites all the time by sitting in front of a computer is really harmful. Sitting in the same place whole day can make you lazy. A person becomes dull and dry due to excessive use of social media sites. The energy of person will be destroyed due to laziness. It will affect your daily activities. The person will get used too for this laziness. All other tasks which were the responsibility of a person are ignored.


2. Decreases the worth of relationship


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Social media provides you an atmosphere of freedom where you are free to connect with anyone. You make many friends in that environment and also some of them get un-friend. Having many friends and different relationships can decrease the importance of relations. Breaking up with one and next day connecting with another can demoralize the importance of relations. After all that your real life relations also lose their worth in front of you. This is a very devastating situation.


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3. Social media sites cause distraction

"It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time."

(Alexis Ohanian)


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One biggest issue with the social media sites is that they distract people. A person cannot pay heed to his work or study if he is involved in social media. Different posts, messages or notifications distract him from his work. A student wouldn’t be able to focus on studies while keeping in touch with these sites. You somehow get addicted to these sites.


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These are few positive and negative impacts of social media in our lives. Surely, there must be lot more advantages and disadvantages. It’s completely up to us how to use these sites. We should use these sites for good and useful deeds.

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