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Hello friends,

How are you? I’m good and here again with a movie review which is Bollywood movie and it was released in 2001. The movie was so lovely and fantastic that still, I love it.


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In my today’s blog, I will try to tell you about a brief story of this movie. Hope you will like it too.

Before I go ahead writing about this movie I would like to tell you first some of the main characters of this movie.

Main characters:

The movie contains these special actors who have worked a lot to make this movie wonderful.

Amitabh Bachchan:


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Amitabh is an old but the best actor of Bollywood movies I have ever seen. His speaking style is marvelous and such an amazing. In this movie, Amitabh is working as Vijay Kapoor. He is the owner of the company named Vijay enterprizes. He is a successful businessman and spending a wonderful life with his family.

Akshay Kumar:


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Akshay Kumar is working as the son of Amitabh and his name is Ajay Kapoor. He is the only son of Vijay Kapoor and he has been sent abroad for completing his education in information technology.



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Raakhee is an old Bollywood actress and she is acting in most movies as the mother of the actor. Same like in this movie, she is the wife of Mr. Vijay Kapoor and her name is Pratima Kapoor. She is a very nice lady and also housewife of Vijay family.

Juhi Chawla:


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Juhi Chawla is working as the younger sister of Ajay Kapoor and sweet daughter of Vijay Kapoor. Juhi is working as Priti Kapoor in this movie.

Karishma Kapoor:


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Karishma is a beautiful lady who is working in this movie as Nisha and she comes as the loving lady of Ajay Kapoor. She is in love with him.

Sunil Shetty (Special Appearence):


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Sunil is working as sandhya in this movie. He has appeared as a special person and only for a little time. He has some moments with Karishma Kapoor.



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Mohnish has appeared mostly as the villain in Bollywood movies. He has a great work as a villain in this movie and was appeared as Rajesh. His work in this movie was very admirable.

Shakti Kapoor:


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Shakti Kapoor is a great comedian in Bollywood movies. He was appeared in this movie as the uncle of Ajay Kapoor and was known as Ladoo Mama in this movie. He is very sincere with Vijay family and living with them.    

Simone Singh:


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Simone is the little sister of Ajay Kapoor and she is very lovely. She loves her family a lot and working as the younger daughter of Vijay Kapoor.

So these are some main characters of the movie. Now, I will move forward.

The main theme of the movie:

The main theme of this movie is to show people about the relationship. You will know many things about relations in this movie. The movie tells us that how much relations are important in our life. Relations are the only thing which makes our life perfect. In fact, the bond of love is Ek Rishta. The movie tells us to strengthen our relations with love and to work for each other.

Now I will move forward.

Mr. Vijay Kapoor and family.

Mr. Vijay Kapoor is a very great person and a successful businessman too. He manages his business with love and kindness and thinks that the people who are working in his factory are his family members. He always treats them like his family members and that is the reason, his company is leading to success.

On the other hand, the family of Vijay Kapoor is also awesome. His home is full of love and passion. Everyone tries to make happy each other with love and they all have a strong relationship between them. Here is the starting song of this movie which will also tell you how much they are happy and in love with each other.


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Now I will move forward…

Rajesh is the person who is finding the job and he thinks Vijay Kapoor as his ideal person. He meets him one day after attending a conference. He tells Vijay Kapoor how much he has affection regarding his business. He tells Vijay that he wants to be like him in his real life. Vijay admits him in his business as a worker.

One day while working in an office, Vijay sends him home to solve some questions of his beloved daughter Priti.

Priti finds love and affection with Rajesh and soon she asks him to make marriage with her. Rajesh tells her that he can’t do it because it is not good as he a worker in the company of his father. The mother of Priti listens to every word and tells this to his husband, Mr. Vijay.

Vijay invites Rajesh on dinner and makes the decision of his marriage with Priti. Rajesh tells them that there is no one in his family left. Mr. Shakti Kapoor who is actually the uncle of priti thinks that this not a good decision but he remains silent.

After some days, Ajay appears and he comes back home after completing his education from abroad. He meets Rajesh and accepts him. The marriage is made and Rajesh rejects the offer of Vijay Kapoor who tries to give him a car, bungalow, and money. He then asks him to stay in their home with his family.

Mr. Vijay asks his son to come in the factory and to get involved in his business as he is the next owner of Kapoor industries. Ajay goes there and his father Vijay asks him to spend some days with workers and to learn their difficulties.

Special appearance of Sunil Shetty:

Nisha and Ajay are in love due to some unusual meetings but Nisha meets Sunil and Ajay tries to stop Nisha. Although those meeting with Sunil is only for some comedy. Nisha has no relation with Sunil as he an actor of movies. On a picnic point, Sunil declares it while sitting with Ajay family and Nisha and Ajay loves continues.    

While working in the factory, Ajay finds that union leader is not working very well and he has some bad boys. He asks them to stop it but they continue doing bad activities even in duty time. Ajay tries to stop them by power and beats the union leader. The union leader asks every laborer to go on strike.

Vijay calls Ajay in office and asks him to say sorry to the union leader. Ajay thinks it guilty but says him sorry. After saying sorry he tells his father that he will not work with them anymore and will also start his own business of information technology.

Ajay leaves him due to some critical issues and Vijay also asks him to left home because one accidentally Ajay hits Rajesh. Vijay Kapoor gets angry and says him to leave the family.

Ajay now goes to Nisha home and asks her to stay with him and marry him. Nisha’s father declines but Nisha leaves home for Ajay.

Now they start their own life.

After some days, Rajesh goes on vacations and Vijay Kapoor faces a very bad situation. He finds that Rajesh had got all the papers of the company and his property. He leaves home suddenly with his wife Priti.

The situation goes on very bad to all house holders. Banks declare that they will arrange an open auction for home and factory if the loan is not provided within few days.

Ajay comes back in this situation but Nisha asks him to not to go home, due to this reason they are separated.


Ajay tries his best to arrange for it and he also goes to Rajesh home and tries to talk to him. Rajesh not only rejects him but also asks him to get out from his house.

Ajay beats him and police come there and arrests Ajay.

Ajay comes back home by the bale of Vijay Kapoor.

The situation is not good at all. Ajay tries to meet some old friends of his father but they don’t help them at all.

One day Ajay goes in the colony of workers with his father, Vijay Kapoor. Vijay tells the situation to the workers and asks them that he will not stay more with them. After some days Ajay finds that workers of the colony are beating badly the union leader. Ajay helps him and he makes a promise with workers that they will help them in getting back company from Rajesh.

The auction is started and Ajay takes part in it. The auction is also made by Rajesh and price goes above the 10 million. Vijay asks Ajay that he should not take part in the auction. Ajay wins the auction but now the question is how to arrange the money of auction.

The worker now goes to the Rajesh home and beats him. Rajesh runs away and comes in the office of Mr. Vijay Kapoor. Vijay asks him to sign the paper and that’s it. He sings and says that he will return everything back to the Vijay family.

Vijay family forgives Rajesh but Priti leaves a message and says that she will not forgive him.

Nisha is sent to Ajay’s home only if he will divorce him. The situation is very bad, Ajay gives him divorce papers but soon Nisha gives birth to a cute baby and Ajay tries to get the baby. Nisha comes back with Ajay and asks him to forgive him.

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The story goes to an end.

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This was the story of the movie Ek Rishta.  The movie tells us that how much relations are important in the life.

I hope that you all friends will love it and will watch the movie soon as it has a very fantastic story ahead. Thanks for your precious time. Stay safe


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