Elissa Montanti accepts MDC Partners Humanitarian Award for the Global Medical Relief Fund

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On May 7th, the fifth annual WIRED Business Conference was held.  As always, the conference was jam packed with top notch speakers and industry leaders.  This year, the Global Medical Relief Fund took center stage when Elissa Montanti was presented with the MDC Partners Humanitarian Award, a $20,000 award that was given by Chairman and CEO of MDC Partners Miles Nadal.  "The Global Medical Relief Fund is a small foundation with big ambitions, a big heart and big impact," said Nadal.

At the center of the GMRF is Elissa Montanti, she continues to push this small charity forward with an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit.  Standing around giants in their own industries, the 5’3 Elissa was right at home. “Although we don’t build hardware or software, we build lives and help put children back together again.”  Said Elissa, she’s been leading the GMRF with this type of drive for more than 15 years and continues to accomplish unimaginable goals both for the charity and herself. 

The more the GMRF grows, the more children will be saved.  The main goal of the organization is to find amputee children in war torn or otherwise ravaged countries and try to make them whole again.  With the help of the Shriners Childrens Hospital and countless others, Elissa hopes to heal as many children across the globe as possible. 


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The Global Medical Relief Fund works to help victimized children from around the world, and most urgently with those affected by war or natural disasters. We strive every day to bring assistance to these young victims even when it may be beyond the reach of their own families and communities,…

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