Emotion Vs Logic

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Some people hold the view that emotion must be given priority than logic. when it comes to making decisions, those who decide emotionally, display much emotion and their logic is under the influence of their emotions. As far as I am concerned, I make my decisions based on logic.

Of course sometimes we have to decide emotionally while dealing with our families and friends. For instance when it comes to choosing the life partner, we see that those people who are doing intellectually without accepting emotions, they can hardly chose a life partner and sometimes they can’t get married.

However, I prefer to make decisions based on logic not only emotions. The main reason is that logic can surely lead us to our own destination and enhances in our making decisions because we can utilize our own abilities and skills to reach to our goals faster. that is why in order to make a professional and smart decision we have to ignore emotions.

Another reason is that while dealing with someone or making decision, if logic is involved, the number of mistakes will be decreased and we have no problem in our relationships because we are dealing logically.

Generally speaking, sometimes emotion is convenient and important, but logic and being logical has more premiums.

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                      Author: Mohammad Kumail Jawadi

                                    10th may-2014


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My name is Mohammad Kumail Jawadi, I am studying Computer Science Faculty at Kabul University and working as a blogger at Film Annex, I love my home land “Afghanistan” and its citizens, I like to have relationship with my nice compatriots and other excellent people.

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