Employed Women in Afghanistan

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Situation of working out for Employed women in afghanistan is really difficult.

Because some of the men believes that Afghan women duty is just to be at home, taking care of children, cooking and doing the home routines, and also when a women want to work out, first she face with family and acquaintances disagreement.Instead of giving initiative and motivation, they try to look at negative point of view.

However, in other countries, men and women are working together and they try to improve the level of their families in all aspects, and developing of their country. According to an afghan proverb that says, (while clapping, one hand dose not create sound) it means( we can not reach to the goals unless,working in associate. we reconstruct our country together, men and women by working together ,

We all, men and women are able even to change the world, by changing our self . By looking positive side of issue and also try to remove the problems.Fortunately after Taliban some changes accrued


since situation of education provided for Afghan women, and by that, a new window of hope opened so that they could try to inter to the society and community as well as communicate with different people in order to enhance the level of their self reliance, their natural talents and their physical power.

And also be helpful for the economy of their family in order to provide appropriate situation for their children by maintaining economically, and try to use their skills and knowledge to enhance the level of society. We should know that ( I ) is alone, we the men and women of Afghanistan should believes ourself and should be (WE) to get to success by working together and use our natural talents as well.

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Farzaneh Popal is originally from Afghanistan was born in herat, in may 20/1988 she moved to Iran when she was a child. She went to primary, secondary, and high school in Tehran. since she interested in English language she studied four years english in Kish way institute of Tehran. she…

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