Empower Women with Knowledge to give Afghanistan a bright future

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It might be difficult to gauge a women importance from a famous saying "behind every good man there is a woman or women" but the fact is that women contribution cannot be calculated. Nevertheless there are some societies who on the name of religion stop women from getting educated. The women who form the core of human up-bringing by playing different roles such as mothers/sisters/daughters/wife unfortunately are not getting enlightened due to the belief system of some faction who adjusts religion principles based on their own good. The war ravaged Afghanistan is perfect example where women are deprived education by the male dominated Society.


But this has not stopped ladies from getting educated as some noble like minded people from the Afghanistan society have seen power of education to a lady across the world. The world is abundant with examples/case studies on how education can change the life of women and the ecosystem existing around women. The Houz-e-Karbas High School founded in 1962 in Afghanistan is an all-girls school with approximately 4000 students and 92 teachers. With the support of Film Annex this school got its first internet classroom in May 2012. Though the schools are taught in tents, this noble initiative is surely helping afghan women get drop of water from enormous knowledge ocean.



The Soviet war followed by the civil war, led to the destruction of many schools. But the education system suffered the max when the Taliban conquered and ruled most of Afghanistan. But since 2001 the education system is slowly improving at snails place. According to old estimates by Afghanistan's Ministry of Education, more than 5.4 million children including 35% girls are getting educated.



The recently adopted Afghan constitution states that "the citizens of Afghanistan - whether man or woman- has equal rights and duties before the law". Women are slowly returning to work, and some of them are at prominent positions in the government. But challenges for women in Afghanistan society are abundant. Many families restrict the women in their home from participation in public life. The ladies are forced into marriages while others do not get basic education etc. Different schools of girls have been burned down while some girls have even been poisoned to death for daring to go to school. Despite these challenges, I salute the women who make brave attempts to get enlightened with the knowledge. Empower Afghan Women with Knowledge will help the Afghanistan to get a bright future.


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