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Raegan Fernandez
Submitted by Lykesha Lynn WilliamsWhen You Think Of Hero's You Think Of Capes & Saving The World Lol , Nope That's Not True My Hero Crawls Around & Says Dada & Eat Everything . My Hero Is My 10 Month Old Baby Girl Raegan (Rae) She Saved Me and Change My Life Tremendously Crazy Thing She Don't Even Know It But She Made Me Get Into College And Of Course I Wanted To Go Back But She Gave Me That Extra Push I Needed When I Feel Like Throwing In The Towel I Look At Her And Remember She's The Reason I Started This I Have To Give Her Something To Looking Forward To I Thank God For Her Daily Just Wanted To Share My Little Story With You Guys Mommy Loves You Baby Girl


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My name is Alexey. I'm from Kazakhstan. This multi-ethnic country and a lot of beautiful places. Here, all live very amicably. I like our Kazakhstan!

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