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A large number of people queued on the sidewalk at the news-stand they were eagerly waiting for getting a copy of a newspaper to find out the results of the entrance examination, since all the results were announced through the press. I asked a man who had just acquired a copy of newspaper from the kiosk to allow me to see the humanities exam results. At a glance, I saw my name as a qualified candidate for the admission to the school of psychology at Ferdowsi University situated in Kabul. This course was not my first choice. In the booklet I had marked courses like accountancy, industrial management, law, social science, physical education, and the English language. However, I awes satisfied with the branch I was accepted to, because I had finally passed the herculean university entrance examination.

Since I wanted to get information about the university enrollment, I stood in line to get a copy of the newspaper for myself. One part of the newspaper gave the details about the time, the date and the day that the candidates were supposed to be there for registration. The other part talked about the documents such as the original high-school diploma and I.D. Photostat copies which were required to be submitted on the day of registration. In addition, they asked the candidates to deliver sic photographs of them and complete a few questionnaires.

As I had enough time before the enrollment began, I did not have to worry about making those documents ready. In a few days I prepared all the necessary documents and the day before registration I left Rasht, my hometown, for Kabul. I got to Kabul as a newcomer early next day. I proceeded my way straight to the place of the registration office of Ferdowsi University.

All the qualified candidates of the psychology branch were standing in front of the door where the signing up was to take place. They were waiting for the registration personnel to start the procedure. The enrollment started exactly at eight o’clock. Since the male entrants were few in number, the business of their registration was finished soon.

There was notice stuck on the window at the rear of the registration room which invited those interested students to fill out the form If they wished to reside in the university hostel. The applicants should get the confirmation the following day. I obtained the form the man who was responsible for processing the application and completed it and finally submitted et. Since I did not hace any acquaintances or relative, I decided to stay overnight at a hotel near imam razes (AS) shrine.

The following day I returned to the university campus to get the confirmation of my Seekers for boarding at the university hostel. At the school of humanities and literature, all the applicants, male and female, were given boarding privileges. The Authorities provided the boarders with the address of their hostel.

 As the university was supposed to commence a few days later, I decide to go back to Rasht and bring the little personal things with me. But before that I had to get acquainted with the address of the hostel, so that I may not run into any difficulties on my return to Kabul. After located the hostel, I went to the bus terminal to go to my destination, Rasht.

I stayed in Rasht for a few days and then I took the bus back to Kabul to start my academic studies. I brought some money with me in addition to the personal paraphernalia like books, notebooks, a tooth brush, a tube of toothpaste, a mirror, a comb a towel and clothes.  

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