Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Education with Biz Stone in Afghanistan

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"Information is not knowledge"

Albert Einstein

I don't know how often it happens to you to see someone whom you were reading about many times and impressed by the way he/she is dealing with life. Today I met one of those people that maybe if I were not here, I could not have met. With my background in Information Technology and as an entrepreneur, I was always looking forward to meeting someone who works in technology and having social and human interactions with.

This person is Biz Stone, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. Today Roya Mahboob, Francesco Rulli and I had a meeting with him on sustainable education and how social and digital media can influence people's lives, especially in developing worlds like Afghanistan.

He spoke about his recent project, Jelly HQ, a small startup based in San Francisco, California of which he is the co-founder and CEO.

Roya Mahboob is one of the board members for Jelly HQ whose mission is to make the world the best and bring world positive thinkers together to help people with business.

I did an interview with him about how entrepreneurship with education and using social and digital media will help kids at school in developing countries, particularly in Afghanistan improve their learning processes and widen their access to more human and non human resources.

Entrepreneurship is the key for development in communities and creation of job opportunities. For Afghanistan, as a country where half of the population has access to social and digital media, it is a need. With eight million students at school, this can lead to billions of connections and networks which generate more contents about Afghanistan. They can spread their message easily to the whole world without any concern, and let people hear positive stories about Afghanistan.

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