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Standing for the right, accepting the responsibility, always ready to lead, hot tempered with a little proud attitude at times, Afghans have always been hard working, with zero tolerance to interference they have the habit of saying yes in situations where there is no possibility of success and in times they achieve the impossible, that's my definition for an Afghan.

Leaving for Hajj on camels, sometimes going by foot too, for centuries Afghans have been visiting neighboring countries for imports & exports purposes and always bringing new items to Afghan land have not been only their interests but passion, this shows they have the entrepreneurial capabilities in them.

But if we look at the current situation, with the foreign influence and civil war we get to notice slight change of attitude now, for example 50 year ago if someone had asked an Afghan of how to become rich and his dream, he would have replied, I want to start my own business or come up with an idea of a self-starter attitude, unlike nowadays where you ask Afghans about their dreams and being rich, they would answer like such, i want to get a job in a private or international organization maybe NGOs or go abroad for rash jobs or start working under a boss or in government as an employee.

Well its quite difficult for me to answer this question in a satisfactory way? I am actually worried, with this kind of attitude of our youth (myself counted) and our reaction to the changes around us, are we destined to fail in the 21st century? As a normal Afghan, my request for the Government and people with authority is to focus both on male and female entrepreneurs because coming time is theirs, they are going to lead both the youth and nation. With the current west funding, its the best time for the Youth and Social activist to take their chances and come up with great ideas for the betterment of the country.

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