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Entrepreneurship  means small jobs by which people can earn revenue from their micro business. these businesses have a great potential to fulfill the needs of a common man with limited or an area specific skills. micro business include shop keeping, embroidery, dress making, bee keeping, poultry farming, cafe and hoteling, wood work, teaching academies, internet online jobs etc. all these business can be started with a small capital.


Mostly people do not have this small amount of money so that they can start their business for this reason there are a lot of banks who offer small loans at affordable terms to support an Entrepreneur. The best example in this regard is the Grameen Bank of Malaysia.


Grameen Bank was initiated by Prof. Younus. He was awarded the Nobel prize of Peace for this effort because his mission is to eradicate poverty at the root level by providing small business loans to the poor for establishing themselves a setup that can ensure a life long earning source. Without making people earn their livelihood in a respected manner the progress of humanity is not possible.


All of us should try to convince people that they can change their life style by doing small jobs and businesses and there is a huge potential and number of donors who can help them out. Better to earn than to beg.


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