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In this unit you will learn to talk about environment and some of the issue related with environment. What is environment? Environment means the space or atmosphere around us. Environment means our surroundings, the locality where we live, the school or college we go to and the office where we work.

The environment around our houses means the street, neighborhood, other houses, shops, parks etc. close to our houses. We often hear the work pollution. Pollution means and “undesirable change” in the environment.

Pollution means all those negative changes that occur in and around the place where we live or work. Your must have noticed different changes, positive or negative that have taken place around you, such as waste or garbage thrown in the streets, a lot of traffic noise and fumes in the atmosphere and shanty towns or katchi abadis on the land meant for parks.

All these negative changes have caused pollution in the environment and have brought ugliness around us. In this unit you are going to read about these two words environment and pollution.

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