Environmental Pollution

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Meaning lguy impurity or dirt contamination and spreading of dirt into the natural environment means the natural or go though a person can control the environment takes apnh intelligence and hard work, but definitely affects the natural environment is always their natural


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Islam is a religion like cleaning:


Nysfayy is emphasized in Islam and cleanliness is half of faith likened


Prophet Muhammad 


Islam is based on finesse 


Undue human intervention in natural systems :


Person for purposes of self-interest and undue interference in natural systems is growing .


 Progress can not be based on the destruction of nature . Man is elimination of forests for personal gain , which is the temperature rise and the snow is melting very quickly and it is taking a lot of damage in agriculture


Natural unprecedented Management .


If we look at natural systems so that system is very good at doing everything better in our context is


Pollution causes many diseases .


There are numerous causes of pollution , which can lead to every person suffering from the disease in these diseases yrkan , Xia btys , and tayfyd etc spreads contamination Diseases


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