Episode One- Virtual Workout

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Episode One

The first episode in the three episode series titled, The Virtual Workout, is going to consist of Conditioning and Plyometric training along with the running portion. I am writing this in coperation with the G.I.V.E program.

Conditioning- The point of conditioning training is to get your body used to operating at high levels of exertion, so that you can keep going at that level much longer.                                                                                                          Conditioning circuit- The first episode will will break down a circut workout, showing you each exersise included and how much time to spend on each one.

Plyometrics-  The method of repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles, to increase their power.                                                                                                                                                                                          Plyometric Drills- The Plyometric portion of this episode will consist of a series of jump drills. These Plyometric exersises will increase strength and explosiveness in the legs muscle groups.

Running- The running portion of the episode will break down sprinting drills and advice on distance and time for long distance running. It is disigned to improve the cardiovascular system.

All of the exersise routines that will be shown, have been developed throught the training I have received through the millitary. They are all body weight exersises and you will need nothing but your own body to get into great shape.




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