Equal opportunities will bring equal achievements

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         In Afghanistan women and men did not have always the same opportunities therefore women didn’t have so much achievements. People here value a man or a boy way more than a girl because they always have had more achievements. It has been like that since a very long time. But not all the people think like that anymore. There are girls who have proven by their hard work and good results to their families and to the society that they are valuable and can be as useful, efficient and can have the same achievement as a man or a boy and sometimes can have even more than them if they get the same opportunity. Roya Mahboob is one of those girls who have proved this to the society by being a very active business women and social worker


        In addition she has not only changed her life and her family’s but has changed the life of many other girls and their families by showing them how to have a good use of the opportunities they have and how to be active and efficient in the society. Roya Mahboob has provided computers for the forty schools in Herat and some other schools in Kabul. And have connected them with internet which helps them be in touch and connected with lots of social media groups and find online work for themselves. 


        Moreover today as most of the girls are somehow connected with internet and computers, they are being so much active and getting some very good results and achievements then most of the boys are. Therefore girls like Roya Mahboob are trying to make families believe on their girls and to provide them the same opportunity they provide to their boys to make the achievements and the value of their girls equal with their boys, because equal opportunities will bring equal achievements.  


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Yasameen Mohammadi is a junior student at St.Paul preparatory high school in St.Paul Minnesota. And is currently working at Film Annax as a blogger.

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