Equality into Reality

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Equality vs. Reality


Equality means being fair to any individuals or group of individuals including their race, gender, disability, religion, age and sexual orientation.


After I've watched the Performance of Vice Ganda in Showtime, it's like a slap on the face and awakened to the fact that the world is full of discrimination especially against Gender, Race and disabilities.


Vice Ganda is a well known comedian in the Philippines. He is a Gay and also a victim of discrimination.


On his performance he Showed what equality means. What the reality should.


He is a child that following his father's shadow. He is forced to play basketball while He is more likely to play Dolls.



Who are we to judge? Who are we to discriminate? We are not perfect. We have flaws too. Did you experience to be bullied before?


Do you know what it feels like when your are bullied?


When you are bullying someone, they tend to suicide because of shame. They tend to not to show and attend to his class.



Treat everybody EQUAL! Wether you are stronger, whether you are rich. We made Equal. We are born as a baby. We are born without clothes. We are born in the same world.




Help us change the world and humanity. Help us remove the discrimination and promote Equality. For the people who have experienced to be bullied, for the people who didn't get a job because of his looks. For the people who has criticized because of his/her disability.


And for the people who Suicided. World is not yet fixed even humanity. We are sorry you were born and died this way.



I know did not delivered what I want to say. I'm a beginner and don't have any writing skills yet. But I hope you got my point.


We should make the Equality a reality. Discrimination is happening everyday around the world. We have to be a good example to childrens.



Again, sorry for any mistakes you have encountered on my writing. You can write on the comments you suggestions for me to get some ideas and have a better writing next time.


Than you for your time reading this. Have a nice day!


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