Ethical Decision Making

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Ethical Decision Making




To make the choice among alternatives is known as decision.

Decision What:-

  • When you make choice between two given alternatives i.e., yes or no.
  • It is also known as Yes Or No Decision.

 Decision Which:-

  • Yes or no + Reason.
  • Reason for yes and reason for no
  • Decision based upon some reasons.

Two Types of Decision

  • Program Decision
  • To make preparations before trigger any problem.
  • Known decisions are known as program decisions.
  • Planned decisions are known as program decisions.
  • Non Program Decision
  • To make sudden decisions.
  • Unusual decisions
  • No planning

Decision Making:-

The process of reaching or achieving your goal is known as decision making.

  • A good leader must be a good decision maker.

Basic Model for Decision Making Process:-

  • Identifying the process
  • Collect Information
  • State the options or alternatives
  • Apply Ethical Principles
  • Making Decisions
  • Implement the decisions

Resolved Model for Decision Making Process:-

Review the points

  • Basic reason for the problem generation.
  • What is the background of the problem?
  • Collection of details about the origin of problems.


  • Benefit or Importance of that problem


  • List main possible Solutions to the problems.


  • Result of that solution.
  • What will happen?
  • What might happen?

Likely Impact

  • Impact of your decision on the environment.


  • Check the worth of your decision.
  • To check the values of your decision


  • Check/Examine your decision before your actual decision/Implementation.


  • What solution is best? State it and justify it.








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