Every man is full of desires

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Every man is full of desires. He have dreams and he want to fulfill them. He tries hard to achieve his goals. He goes hard to give a shape to his dreams full of life. And if he fails in achievement of his dreams than this break his hart and he goes in depression.    

Depression is the most common mental disease in our age. All over the world all type of people either they are rich or poor are suffering with this disease.  People from developed countries are also suffering with it although they got best all types of facilities. Its commonly starts in mid age mean mid aged and old people are mostly suffering with depression. Its commonly start due to social, educational or economic problems. Mostly middle class is effecting with this. Depression is increasing the rate of suicide in our society. This is totally cured able.

There are many reasons for depression some of them are as follow

   First reason is man has adopted the city life which is busy and annoying life and he is away from life full of nature.

 Second when some responsibilities come to a person and he fails to complete them then this make him depressed.  

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