Every person have some ambition that help to struggle in life

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Ambition is very important in life progress peace and prosperity is the main outcome of human ambition .A person who has no ambitions like a ship without any destination. Different people have different ambitions some want to become a doctor  or teacher. some other want to become engineer or artists.

It is true that they all want to serve there country and country fellow men. Living means action and it must be good. The good and real action must be beneficial for the humanity and it must be in good service of mankind. I want to serve any country fellow men that why i went to be a teacher. Literacy is the greatest course in Pakistan.

Fairly a good member of the people in Pakistan can not read or becoming a teacher is not merely to get wealth by teacher or other unfair means but to show light to my ignorant country man i shall take pride in becoming good teacher. A teacher helps other people to become great and famous.

A teacher ladder which is fixed at one place but helps other to rise high.literacy is highly value by our Holy Prophet SAW. He urged the Muslims to seek knowledge even if it is to fair. I would like to quote another saying of Holy prophet SAW seeking of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim man and woman.

All the prophet of God were great teacher they brought Allah message yo the masses and taught them to pursue the right path they laid great stress on education. Therefore i think any helps given to the cause of education is the greatest service to the humanity.

Educated people can difference between the right and wrong. The can save themselves from evils.there I decided to get my higher degree in education. A good teacher can change the fate of the nation I do believe that it is better to light one candle than the whole darkness.

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