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With this article, I would like to start immersing myself into the blogging industry.

Since Instagram has launched the possibility to upload videos, the perception of videos itself has changed.

It’s not only about the picture anymore. Now everybody is obsessed with making a video. You don’t have to be a professional to shoot, cut and edit your own video. You can do it only by using your iPhone, and believe me, pretty often, it comes out even better than if you had shot it on a professional camera. Everybody started to feel different about videos, they became more simple and easier to create.

In my opinion, a new era has come, the new video era. You can share your life, work, ideas in many different way trough videos. And I think that Film Annex is one of the first companies that started to promote this and show how to introduce videos into your daily life and give you the opportunity to write, upload a video about your life, work, ideas, views and make money with it!

You can build your own platform (Web TV) and take part in the community, by writing blogs, uploading videos and promoting them through the BUZZScore.

Now is the new era of great opportunities. Everybody can reach them just by using their smartphones. There is no more excuses. Film Annex gives the opportunity to promote your own content and turn a hobby into a job. You can be a filmmaker, blogger or just a viewer. In one word, technology allows us to do everything we like and want to do

Be creative.



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