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I was so thrilled knowing that an additional buzz bonus will be awarded to submitted blogs that tackles or discuss about QUERLO or a QUERLO related article so I decided to create a blog (even if I really find it hard since the topic is not so familiar) this could somehow give me a chance to regain what I lost in my previous blog. (I only got 3 stars in my latest blog I was expecting 4 stars at least although important points were already taken into consideration and will be applied here).

Honestly, I don’t have much idea about this topic although I used to participate in the survey almost every day as long as it is available so I need to research and being motivated by the additional buzz scores I did read a lot about QUERLO.  Now I’m delighted about the things I learned about it.  

I was wondering what QUERLO means or what does it refers to aside from being a chat bot as I customarily understood it.  The challenge to write a special blog about QUERLO made me more engrossed to learn more about it. 

Anyhow here’s few things I learned about QUERLO:  


What does QUERLO stands for?


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Based on my understanding and from the reading I had, QUERLO is actually a program or a brand new technology owned by MTI USA the company behind bitLanders.  If you remember before we had this bitmiles page wherein we can actually collect  points and rewards at the same time create our real time research campaign or earn bitmiles by answering some questions about several topics and as I see it bitmiles (which became inactive after sometime, I mean I really don’t know what happen or is it just me who can't view the page) is now known as QUERLO.  In other words it is a chatbot which aims to collect datas or allows data to be collected in an interactive way.  It conducts a conversation via textual method although the conversation maybe via auditory also.

To know more about QUERLO you may watch the video below, it is a detailed "question and answer" way of explaining what does QUERLO really means and what it could offer to businesses or establishments especially those service oriented enterprise.


Video Credit:  Sky High Advertising via www.youtube.com 



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What are the purpose or function of QUERLO or a chatbot?

1.       Dialog system – the conversation is carried on a more wholesome manner compared to the traditional survey.  As I mentioned earlier since it is interactive, the conversation is done like a real time chat. Typically used for various practical purposes like customer service or information acquisition.  I believe when it is accomplished properly and religiously (by readers and or customers), the data collected will be of big help for anyone or any business that needs improvement as to their products and services offered as well as on the issue of whether or not efficient customer service is being practiced.

2.       Increases the amount of collected data up to 400% -maybe because it is a computer generated conversation, I mean more people can participate concurrently unlike when the survey is done by a particular person wherein he or she can only accommodate one person at a time.  Companies could save from manpower expense and will be able to collect feedback from customers in a timely manner or shall I say quickly.

3.       Identify users - Readers age, gender, hobbies, interests, politics and so on can be understood, this means you will know more about your readers or you will be able to identify users which will eventually help you if you are a blogger to increase web traffic thereby increase earnings and for businesses, they will be able to innovate in order to reach out on all other potential customers from different sectors.


Topics on QUERLO

QUERLO tackles a number of subject or issues wherein questions are derived from.  It actually involves almost all major and relevant field like travel, politics, leisure, empowerment, sports, food, personal activities and a lot more.  I am referring to those surveys available here on bitLanders via bitmiles before and now QUERLO.

Among the topics or discussion that were being communicated through the Chatbot, the following are my most favorite.

1. Do you support women's empowerment?


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Since I strongly support equality among men and women and hates racism or gender discrimination I also enjoyed the survey about women’s empowerment.  I fully agree with the principle of Women’s Empowerment, thus giving women the chance or the rights to participate fully in economic life on all sectors.  I believe that this principle will help improve the quality life of not only women but also the life of men, family and the community as a whole.  I love the thought of educating women in order for them to secure a good job and improve their economic status and wellbeing thus creating a healthy lifestyle for them and the whole family.  Women, being empowered will also have more security as they can protect themselves, be able to manage risk and get away from oppression or discrimination.

If you want to read more about Women Empowerment I recommend the blog of one of bitLanders great bloggers moon-khan-4606 .  Please click here.


2. How often do you travel?



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Since I am working abroad I had the chance to travel to different countries around the world, although among those countries that I was able to visit are Arab countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia and few adjacent Asian countries like Hongkong and Macau.  While in the Philippines I also got the opportunity to visit and explore big cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao plus my very own Cagayan de Oro.  I believe that the experiences we get when we travel educates and teaches us significant things about life. It helps us understand the culture or lifestyle of other people and be able to deal with them appropriately.  That is why I also enjoyed participating in this survey.  Please see and try chatbot below.


(embedded sample of QUERLO interactive chat)


Video Credit:  A. Human via www.youtube.com (sample survey chat)


 3. Do you know how much it cost to plant a tree? 



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I’m glad QUERLO or bitLanders were able to include this topic because I find it as one of the major issue the world is facing right now.  Our forest are already disappearing and the environment is at stake, I mean without those trees that helps in the absorption of water during heavy rains, every place is vulnerable to flood which is very dangerous.  For the last few years floods all over the world claimed thousands of lives and one of the reasons of its occurrence is the absence of trees in the mountains or in the environment in general.



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I remember when I participated in the survey the chatbot was able to provide info and links about planting trees and its importance.  I also remember about that question wherein users are asked about how much it will cost planting 1 single tree which I find it very cheap compared to the benefits it could give which include the absorption of carbon dioxide and the production of oxygen needed by every living things in the ecosystem.  Among all the topics I find this one as the most relevant because it pertains and encourage better life, by encouraging people to plant trees, wherever they are in the World.  I mean the question asked in the survey was specific, which part in the US would the user want to plant trees but it also send message to the whole world, to plant tree is very important regardless of wherever you are located.

Thus I conclude that QUERLO could be used not only to collect data or information but also for the purpose of disseminating relevant facts or details that could help anyone and everyone across the planet. 


(embedded sample of QUERLO interactive chat)



Photo Credit:  Screenshot via www.querlo.com  (QUERLO homepage)

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