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Physical work has never made people smarter. What differs us from animals is our brain, the instrument of all creation. That is the reason why human beings created airplanes, skyscrapers, cell phones, internet, periodic table, etc. We no longer need to hunt or grow food by ourselves (unless some of us is a farmer). New technologies help us make thinks easier.

Think over it. The modern types of transportation help you save more time for intellectual activities. Instead of running from one village to another, you can simply take a train and invest your spare couple of hours into reading some cognitive articles.

The modern technologies help people save time and use these saved moments inventing machines that do all the physical work for us. We created 3D printers that may design tools, jewelry, and even real organs that can save humans' lives.

Every minute of our life we're exploring and developing. That is the main purpose of living. This life is all about it.

In comparison with 100 years ago people became more social and intelligent. We respect the freedom of each other, and are ready to contribute intellectually. We know the actual price of our time, and look forward, towards the bright future.

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