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Ex_Machina is fictitious movie based the human latest search or can say they want to invent a new thing i.e AI (Artificial Intelligence)This movie is written and directed by Alex GarlandWe've seen many movies that base on Artificial Intelligence like Terminator etc. Human is trying to develop a brain with algorithm that can actually think and response to others just like human. I'm a programmer too and I also believe it is possible in future we'll have an Artificial Intelligence technology walking around us. But if we focus on its base i.e Computer that can only perform action we ask it to do or it do what we coded on it. Simply, Computer only does a function to which it is programmed and Artificial Intelligence actually means that a computer that can re-program itself according to its needs as we do.


Alicia Vikander:

In Ex_Machina, the Artificial Intelligence is Alicia Vikander as Ava. She performed her role brilliantly as viewer started to feel that she's actually a robot.


Oscar Isaac:

The creator of Ava is Oscar Issac in movie with name Nathan. Nathan is the owner of world largest search engine i.e Blue Book. Nathan is a great developer and creator he actually developed her physical mind which works like exactly to Human brain. He worked very hard to develop such a kind of advancement in AI technology. Nathan spend his life in creating such a advance Artificial Intelligence that has all kind of emotion like human.


Domhnall Gleeson:

Domhnall Glesson played role of Caleb who is employ of Blue Book company and he works there as a Coder. Nathan wants him to be his guest and one who gonna test his artificial intelligence.


Sonoya Mizuno:

Sonoya Mizuno leading role of Kyoko, is one of the experiment result of Nathan's Artificial Intelligence to reach the level extreme level of success i.e Ava.



Idea Behind Movie:

The idea behind this movie is mainly Artificial Intelligence but artificial intelligence in human walking form. Founder of Blue Book Search Engine Nathan created Artificial intelligence that can actually has the ability to think, judge and feel emotion. He created her too much advance that she has the ability to love, like and has feeling of feeling sex. Nathan made her too much good but at least she is a computer. She has to pass a test.


Nathan found Caleb in his company by seeing his records which made him define coder and got spirit for it. Nathan called him here where he is working on here. When Nathan told Caleb that he has made an Artificial Intelligence, Caleb was out of words. Nathan arranged his session 1 with Ava, in which he talk to her and saw her advancement the way she is replying to her. He feels that Ava has programmed some feelings in it. Nathan told him not to find out how he created her, his job is to tell that how's she?. Caleb asked Nathan that why he gave her sexuality feeling?. Nathan said, "If you gonna live a life why don't you should enjoy it and you're programmed too by Nature or Nurture. You're programmed too". Nathan also cleared that Ava could had sex that he fitted some sensors in her.

This is the brain of the Ava . Just like the hard disk of computer but this brain actually works like human brain. Nathan connects Ava brain to Blue Book search engine. So, she has the access to all of the information that exists in this world.


Kyoko is also artificial intelligence Ex Machina made by Nathan. She does every job of Nathan even she acted as Nathan sexual partner but she is Machina but has the ability to desires.


Ava wants to get out the cage in which she was living. Caleb felt in Love with her and thought that she should be free. She should have independent life. Ava was design to do she wants and that time she want to get out of cage. She manipulated him and he agreed on helping her. Meanwhile, Caleb hacked into Nathan computer and saw his experiments through which he reached the success of Ava. He found out that Nathan created many Ex_Machina's before Ava and on failing experiment he destroyed them if Ava couldn't pass out his test, she is gonna suffer the same. When he was searching for destroyed Ex_Machina, he also found out the Chinese lady Kyoko is also an Ex_machine whom Nathan used to live. He was determined to help Ava to get out of this. Nathan knew late what he was up to. The day, they planned to run from there. Nathan told him everything I programmed to do what she want to do. She had her own will, She is using him to get out of here. But Caleb don't believe on him and he sat her free. Nathan Tried to stop her but Kyoko and Ava killed Nathan with a knife. Ava Leaves the place leaving the Caleb inside from where he could escape and he used the helicopter which was coming for Caleb to take him back at Blue Book Company.

The Message of This Movie:

The message of this movie is clearly understandable that if we ever built artificial intelligence, it will has the same type of desires as human does. The desire of human is freedom and rule and human fought for it. As computer is fastest in calculation than us and out whole Network laying on computers, the artificial intelligence will take over it and we will unable to do what we want. The humanity can be extinct if ever he built an artificial intelligence. Human has more feeling than any other living organism, In this movie they gave us the message that Caleb became pity to her as she was innocent to her and he help her out but she leaved him there for dying. Machines only do they want and if they ever got the sense of thinking and questioning on things, that would be the end of Human race on this planet.

Stephen Hawking said, " The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race".

"Success in creating Artificial Intelligence would be the biggest event in human history".

Stephen Hawking once said that if ever human succeeded in inventing Artificial Intelligence, it would be the last invention that human has invented. Human race will be destroyed by Robots or Aliens.

It is cleared that when someone got desire rather it is machine or animal, they one thing that every mind want that is power and freedom and ever human invented artificial intelligence that has desires, it'll not gonna work under human being rather human being will be controlled by them.

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