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The Examer is a vocational and education software which connects students to the world of business. The Examer improves the education system of developing countries such as Afghanistan and other countries in Central and South Asia. This examination system was first conceived by Afghan women from Afghan Citadel and then developed in collaboration with Citadel and Film Annex's programmers.

We want to bring more opportunities and facilities for Afghan students and avoid corruption in the education system. The Examer prevents from time wasting paper-based exams and provides an explicit exam’s result for students.

The Examer has already been developed in Afghanistan’s schools. There are more than 5000 students registered in the Examer system, and we are starting to develop it in other countries such as the Caribbeans and various countries in Africa.

The Examer provides micro scholarships for students. We are creating an educational curriculum in various fields such as social media, filmmaking, blogging. The ones who are passing exams via the Examer with a high score can receive a micro scholarship through mobile payment. The students become more motivated to study various educational curriculum and also become familiar with new technologies.

We are building schools in Afghanistan by providing computer Internet classes for the schools. We completed the 8th school's computer classes and also developed the Examer system in these schools. We are registering the students into the Examer system, finished the 7th school (Malake Jalali High School in Heart) registration and connected 1,115 students to examination system.

We are currently starting the registration of the 8th school, Fateh High School, in Heart, and until now we have connected 532 new students to the Examer system from there.

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