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Fereshteh Forough, a partner at Citadel Software talks about this online exam software called Examer educational Software. She explains how it was felt that Afghanistan education system will benefit from paperless exams. The software typically allows children to access exam sheets by entering their login details. Then they can take the exam right on their desktop. Teachers can access these exam papers online. This makes the examination process simpler for students. The software keeps coming out with updated versions. The new one allows multiple type questions and essay type questions that can be attempted in different subjects. The software is being tested as a pilot in both public and private schools in Afghanistan. Going forward they want to use this software in other Central and South Asian countries as well. Perhaps a step forward would be to offer this system for students doing correspondence or online students. This will especially benefit students who due to the war in Afghanistan or lack of facilities cannot go to school.

Francesco Rulli sees the software as creating a triangle of connection among the students, teachers and possible employers. He would prefer that students be engaged directly by employers in some vocational work and training which is absolutely crucial to safeguard the fragile Afghanistan education system. The possibility of students dropping out of school and engaging in unproductive or destructive activities is also very high. The software can also be instrumental in promoting women’s education in Afghanistan. They are planning to give micro scholarships to girls who get the topmost grades in schools. This will facilitate further education for them as well as provide extra income for their families. Most families are very poor and women’s education in Afghanistan is not on high priority. In a country, where the average annual income is $900, even small dollar amounts in scholarships or earnings can give a major boost to a family’s finances.

Also, the whole intention of rewarding and actively engaging students and providing them micro scholarships gives them additional opportunities like writing blogs and exploring other writing opportunities that can empower them. Going ahead, they will evolve a social media curriculum to help engage women with internet and economic opportunities related with it especially connected with social media.

Do watch the entire interview above to understand a bit more about Examer Educational software and how slowly and steadily it can make a tangible impact on Afghanistan education system.

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